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Stories from the Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation

DOE-funded research institute on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Campus dedicated to developing  bioenergy crops, transforming biomass into valuable chemicals, and marketing the resulting products.

Outstretched hand holds a bundle of oilcane; blurred field beneath a blue sky is visible in the background.

CABBI researchers collaborate on oilcane pilot project, June 2021

Danim Yun: Unraveling reactions to uncover solutions, June 2021

CABBI challenges CRP status quo, mitigates fossil fuels, Feb. 2021

CABBI welcomes sustainability theme PI Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Dec. 2021

Kiyoul Park: Research to fuel the future, July 2020

Researchers shed light on new enzymatic reaction, June 2020

Dalton Stewart: Economics and environment both vital to sustainability, May 2020

Triple-threat genetic toolkit for producing eco-friendly chemicals, March 2020


Joanna Ridgeway: Naturally interested in bioenergy agriculture, microbes, Jan. 2020


Mohammad Belaffif: Bringing bioinformatics to life, Nov. 2019


Christy Gibson: Writer, researcher, Renaissance scientist, Sept. 2019


Arborist, agronomist, advocate: Emily Heaton has a heart for the heartland, Aug. 2019


Ming-Hsun Cheng: Balancing billiards and biomass, July 2019


Nancy Reichert: The science of serendipity, July 2019


Tom Elmo Clemente: Sparking an interest in the plant sciences, April 2019


Under the microscope: Adina Howe uses microbes to scale down sustainability, April 2019


Nick LaBonte: Genetics with a green thumb, Feb. 2021


Kelsie Ferin proves renewable energy and clean water go hand in hand, Feb. 2019


Shuai Li: A passion for plant physiology, Dec. 2018


Yoel Cortes-Peña: Finding sustainability in life and lab, Nov. 2018


Arian Ghorbanpour: The revolutionary power of green chemistry, Oct. 2018

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