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Stories from the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

World-renowned interdisciplinary research institute at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Aerial view of the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Postdoc Dylan Burton puts exams for interpreters to the test, Dec. 2023

Microdroplets, macro results: Beckman researchers pursue Energy Earthshots, Oct. 2023


Bringing cells to life … and to Minecraft: $30 million NSF grant to support whole-cell modeling, Sept. 2023

Protein p53 regulates learning, memory, sociability in mice, Sept. 2023

Mix it, test it, create it: NSF funds automated polymer research instrument, Sept. 2023

Six researchers recognized in 2023 Beckman Institute Research Image Contest, Aug. 2023

Crossing paths: How hobbies shaped Yamuna Phal's research, July 2023

Renewable solar energy can help purify water, the environment, July 2023


Webb makes MRI work for research, clinics, and communities worldwide, June 2023

Don't wait, desalinate: the electrified future of clean water, June 2023

Seven things to know about the 7 Tesla MRI scanner, May 2023

Lydia Kisley, crossroads chemist, April 2023

Beckman announces 2023 research seed grant recipients, April 2023

Beckman Institute announces 2023 fellowship, award recipients, April 2023

Molecular teamwork makes the organic dream work, March 2023

The woman who made Beckman’s history, March 2023

Beckman Institute Open House scheduled for March 31, April 1, Feb. 2023

Teenage girls' self-esteem is a product of past experience, Jan. 2023

Student contest blends biology and computer science to advance AI, Jan. 2023

Beckman research to boost astronaut fitness on NASA’s mission to Mars, Dec. 2022

New method enables clear, precise imaging of human cells, Nov. 2022

Researchers receive $2M to develop next-generation 3D ultrasound imaging device, Oct. 2022

Beckman, DRES collaboration launches (dis)Ability Design Studio, Sept. 2022

New polymer property could give accessible solar power a boost, June 2022

Two challenges posed, two Beckman winners at AI Hackathon, April 2022

Expanded alphabet makes DNA the next data storage solution, March 2022

New year, new look for the Beckman Atrium, Jan. 2022

Listening to the leaves: bioinspired veins transport fluids in foamed polymers, Jan. 2022

Machine learning accelerates molten salt simulations for nuclear power applicationsOct. 2021

New Beckman microscope raises the bar... and ceiling, Aug. 2021

Keep your friends close, cortisol levels low for life, June 2021

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